Teaching Skills

Connecting outdoor learning with learning that is happening inside the classroom can be hugely powerful. Tying in concepts with authentic and practical experiences has been shown to result in deeper and more meaningful understanding. (Need the research?) Central ideas where we support indoor learning include: Art is in nature; Matter can be changed; The design of structures needs to be fit for purpose; and Simple machines make our lives easier. 

Supporting and complementing indoor learning all of the time can be difficult and sometimes downright unnecessary. For a while, we went down the road of trying to tie in with transdisciplinary skills if there were no obvious links to the central idea. The result? Tenuous and sometimes boring connections which felt like pulling teeth.

Enter outdoor learning skills. We found that creating stand alone units where students learn about lighting fires, using knives and making shelters were a home run when looking at the PYP framework. Safety, informed choices, spatial awareness, responsibility, fine motor skills, principled, knowledgeable, resilience… Take. Your. Pick. 

The section of the website will focus on ways in which we can best facilitate student learning in terms of outdoor learning skills. Things coming soon include:

  • Assessing risk
  • Fire lighting
  • Knife use
  • Recommendations for tools and equipment
  • Knot tying progressions